Why Us

Vecter Technologies is a merchant solutions services company, providing superior service for payment card processing, payment devices and cash registers, integrated point of sale systems, and complete business management solutions.

Vecter Technologies is a Registered Agent of Citizens Bank, Providence, RI

Make More Money. Save More Money. That’s Bottom Line Results.

We are sure that your number one priority is not thinking about payment processing services. As an advocate for you, Vecter can help make it easier and faster to bring in revenue and manage your business, allowing you to focus on the things that are really important to your business. Whether you are just opening your first store, have multiple locations, a large corporation, or operate entirely over the Web, we have solutions to fit your needs.

Providing your business with the ability to accept a variety of payment types can increase the volume and transaction amount of your sales.

Vecter Technologies can help you determine the right solution or combination to best suit your needs. In many cases, we can work with the equipment you already have in place. Whether you are interested in better rates for card processing, or new systems and services, Vecter is a single source for all your retail needs. Integrate your products and promotions from your laptop to your store front to your Website with our easy to use tools. These solutions, coupled with our superior support and security will help put your business on A Direct Line to the Future.

Merchant Processing 101