New Perspective with Industry Leading Experience

VECTER is an independent merchant service provider. Founded in January 2007, our founders Lawrence Fiorella and Terry Inman created VECTER Technologies with the business owner in mind. VECTER’s Management team has over 46 years experience in the credit card industry. From owning and operating its own restaurants, to running call centers for nationally recognized credit card processors, our staff knows your business inside and out.

VECTER’s founders reflected on their experiences and created programs designed with your business in mind. As a one-stop solution provider we can provide you with a single service or a complete processing environment, regardless or your business type or location of business. From store fronts, to offices, to the Web… you can be everywhere and we can be there to help.

With a wealth of payment card industry experience, and a desire to make life easier for the merchant, Vecter Technologies’ mission is to arm our merchants with a wide array of solution-focused, value-added services at lower than market costs. As an advocate for merchants, we work hard to make sure your processing environment is the best it can be.

Customer Guarantee

Excellent customer service is just one of the many things which set VECTER apart from our competitors… Our sales staff earns their pay through monthly profit sharing where many of our competitors pay an upfront commission or salary. What does this mean for your business? Our sales staff will be there to help you long after the sale.

VECTER – A Direct Line to the Future

VECTER’s Executive Team

Terry Inman – President and CEO