The Internet has dramatically expanded commercial opportunities by eliminating geographic borders that previously separated consumers from goods and services. Yet the complexities of managing cross-border payments between consumer and business remain. Different currencies, country-specific payment types, management of multiple settlement accounts, and language barriers can make transacting global e-commerce a real challenge. Vecter Technologies can help.
Vecter can provide you a comprehensive package through its proprietary VECTER Web solution. Looking for a custom web solution?  Let Vecter’s experts assist you with an API any programmer will love.  Vecter provides;

  • A framework to interact with customers over the web
  • Depending on what other modules are being used, the WEB feature can be as simple as a website or as comprehensive as a full e-commerce marketplace
  • Customers can place orders to be shipped to their location, delivered or picked up at a retail location
  • Works for all types of merchants: restaurants, retail, catalog
  • Customers can register to gain access to additional features like order history, discounts, repeat orders and loyalty points

Already have a shopping Cart

Vecter as multiple reseller agreements tied to many of the most popular shopping carts.  Partnerships with Authorize.net and eProcessing Network make Vecter an even more compelling solution for your business.