Check Services

If you are going to accept checks, protecting yourself from check fraud and inadequate funds is important to keeping your business profitable. VECTER Check Services makes that possible. Through our partnerships with TeleCheck, and Global e-Telecom, you can accept checks with confidence. Combined with our Check Reader and Image devices, you can prepare your store to accept check payments with just one phone call to Vecter. We’ll help you determine which services and devices are right for your business and provide you VECTER superior service every step of the way.

  • Flexibility: Adding checks as a payment type gives your customers more options.
  • Reliability: Our check service programs take the worry out of accepting checks.
  • Value: Each added payment method means a customer may purchase more goods or services from you.

Electronic Check Conversion (ECC)

Funds deposit into your merchant account in less time with Electronic Check Conversion.  Much like a credit card transaction, funds are processed electronically and deposited the next day.  With the same security as the Check Warranty or Check Guarantee program plus the added convenience of converting the check into an electronic transaction, ECC puts money to work for you faster.

Check Readers

Adding a check reader to your terminal reduces the acceptance of bad checks, insufficient funds and check fraud. 

Check Imagers

Settle check payments faster with a check imager that scans and sends an image of the paper check for conversion to an electronic payment  and you can hand the check back to the customer after scanning, which eliminates the time consuming process of counting paper checks at the end of the day.