Additional Card
Processing Solutions

Debit Card Processing

  • Flexibility: Nearly half of all card payments today are made with debit cards. Working with all major debit networks, Vecter debit card processing gives you the option to offer a wider variety of payment and cash-back options for greater convenience to your customers.
  • Reliability: Secure PIN entry authorizes the transaction, keeping you and your customers safe.
  • Value: Your transaction is more secure when your customers make debit card purchases as compared to credit card purchases.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Cards

  • Flexibility: EBT cards are offered by many government agencies as a stored-value card for recipients enrolled in special programs. Military, low-income and Social Security are just some of the programs now using EBT cards.
  • Reliability: State and Federal Agencies are increasing their use of EBT cards. We can help you to be ready to accept these programs.
  • Value: Like debit and credit processing, all funds are deposited directly into your bank account.