Vecter has secured relationships to innovative technology with comprehensive payment programs.

Vecter provides end-to-end processing solutions for restaurant businesses. With our processing partners, we bring comprehensive payment programs for restaurants from coast-to-coast.

Vecter helps merchants meet consumer demand for speed, convenience and flexibility with payment processing options:

  • Integrating into your existing payment processing platform is a cinch.  Vecter’s relationships provide access to many of the processing software applications commonly used in the industry today.
  • Unsurpassed speed and reliability in processing payments.  With direct connections into virtually every credit, debit networks nationwide, Vecter offers you faster and more dependable service.
  • Small Ticket support for faster payment acceptance.  Ideal for Quick Serve and fast food operations, Visa and MasterCard’s Small Ticket programs facilitate fast approval of a transaction without the time-consuming capture of a signature.
  • Time-saving tip features makes tip handling easier – servers or managers can add tips to completed tickets quickly to reconcile their tabs more efficiently. Customers can use the optional suggested tip table that automatically calculates different percentage tip amounts and prints the suggested amounts on the receipts.
  • Open/Close Bar Tabs that save time.  This feature allows the server to swipe the customer’s card and leave the tab open until the bill is ready to be paid. Your servers will save time and you will save money by eliminating unnecessary transaction processing.
  • Free Web-Based Transactions Reporting provides instant access to transaction data.