Cigar Industry
End-to-End Processing Solutions

Supporting Cigar Merchants, Lounges and Card Not Present Merchants


  • Innovative Technology
  • Comprehensive Payment Programs
  • Fast and Reliable Processing
  • For Credit Cards, Prepaid Gift Cards and Reward Cards
  • Wide range of Solutions; Including Stand-Alone Terminals & Web-Based Products

What Sets Vecter Apart Within In the Cigar Industry?

  • Industry Knowledge – Vecter communicates actively and directly with our underwriting team allowing us keep them up to date on cigar industry changes and to create relevant card processing for a vast array of cigar businesses including manufactures, distributors and retailers.
  • Card Not Present /MOTO Processing – Vecter works closely with merchants to file required paperwork to accept card not present transactions. As experts in this field, we become a powerful resource for merchants with our extensive knowledge of Cigar Card Not Present rules and regulations, the complexity of the Cigar Industry and merchant rights.
  • PCI Compliance – Vecter provides an in-house team to work directly with you on business compliance. We will NEVER assess a non-compliance fee as we work hard to make sure your systems meet current and future industry regulations. Our merchants have easy access from our PCI page to the compliance site to download all certificates.


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Cigar Lounge


Greg Weatherford
Devo Consulting

After suffering for years with credit card ‘salesman’, it was refreshing to find Vecter. Vecter’s staff are professionals that know their business and go out of their way to help me with mine. I would (and have) recommend Vecter to my friends and family.