Vecter Technologies has secured relationships to innovative technology with comprehensive payment programs.

Vecter is your single source for an entire range of Wireless peripherals. We offer multiple Wireless solutions to fit the unique processing needs.
With a wide range of wireless-specific hardware and software options, Vecter provides merchants with products and services powered by years of expertise and innovations in the payments processing industry.
See why Vecter is the clear choice for retailers:

  • Unsurpassed speed and reliability in processing payments. With direct connections into virtually every credit, debit platforms, Vecter offers you faster and more dependable service.
  • Wireless technology either through one of our wireless terminals such as the Commerciant 5000 or a virtual terminal using a mag-strip reader and printer, Vecter can even process transactions on your iPhone or Droid smart phone.
  • Free Web-Based Transaction Reporting provides instant access to transaction data.
  • Fast Web payments. Since Vecter is a registered Agent of RBS Citizens bank, we are already certified with leading payment gateways and shopping carts, merchants who sign with Vecter benefit from fast and seamless integrations into their existing systems.