14 Jun: e-Commerce

The Internet has dramatically expanded commercial opportunities by eliminating geographic borders that previously separated consumers from goods and services. Yet the complexities of managing cross-border payments between consumer and business remain. Different currencies, country-specific payment types, management of multiple settlement accounts, and language barriers can make transacting global e-commerce a real challenge.

14 Jun: Card Not Present

A Card Not Present account is used when the Merchant’s primary mode of sales is not done face-to-face with the cardholder; this increases the chance that the true owner of the card is not making the purchase

14 Jun: Petroleum

Vecter has been addressing the needs of Petroleum and Convenience retail merchants all across the country. Our experienced team can work directly with your pump vendor to ensure a simple and seamless integration.

14 Jun: Restaurant

Vecter provides end-to-end processing solutions for restaurant businesses. With our processing partners, we bring comprehensive payment programs for restaurants from coast-to-coast.

14 Jun: Retail

Vecter helps merchants meet consumer demand for speed, convenience and flexibility with an array of payment processing solutions.